Mechanised boring additives (TBM)

The mechanised boring, as a knocking down technology for the construction of tunnels, guarantees high performances, unlike the traditional Drill and Blast method or operating machines methods (hammers, etc.). In fact it is possible to foresee advances of more than 10 meters per day that could never be reached with other excavation technologies. Furthermore, since it is an industrialised system, it reduces labour costs and guarantees increased safety for the workers and greater healthiness of the workplace. According to the method of application of the support pressure, we therefore have two different types of shielded TBMs:
EPB type TBM
Hydroshield type TBM
Prochin Italia formulates different types of foaming additives for soil conditioning in collaboration with the major universities to monitor environmental aspects as well. Prochin Italia produces specific additives to fill the annular gap between the ground and the tunnel lining with the advance of the TBM. Protard products are used to guarantee the workability of the mortar. Profast accelerants are then used to control the time and the setup and hardening process. Polyurethane injection resins are mainly used for waterproof sealings of cracks and crackings in concrete constructions, tunnels, underground structures.
Prochin Italia offers a wide range of single and bi-component polyurethane resins to solve problems of soil improvement and groundwater control.