"For decades, only quality products"

PROCHIN ITALIA has been certified as a Quality Management System since 2003 and subsequently in 2006 integrated this system with the environmental and safety certifications.
These systems developed initially on a unique basis, over the years have been evolving in a harmonious way by developing management processes that have improved in a coordinated and integrated system.
Through the application of this organisation system, the management pursues a modern business direction aiming at an optimal planning of the means and resources to obtain, through a constant research aimed at the continuous improvement of business processes,
the optimisation of the ergonomics’ conditions and therefore human well-being in the fulfilment of the working activities, maintaining the quality performances of the products, respecting and protecting the environment.
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"Performance measurability"

The Quality Management System is the result of a complex and articulate analysis and evaluation of company processes, methods and procedures; over the years, the activities have been improved and validated with the decisive contribution of the personnel directly in charge of the operations. Management procedures and operating instructions have been prepared which define tasks, responsibilities and authorities.
In its quality control laboratory, Prochin Italia studies, researches and develops – also using pilot plants or in collaboration with customers and public bodies – new product formulations aimed at improving the materials application’s characteristics, at the same time a systematic analysis of the customer feedback is carried out, allowing the continuous evaluation of the degree to which the Company’s products meet the Customer’s
expectations in terms of performance, quality, safety and environmental impact issues.
(A still existing Ginkgo Biloba specimen survived the radiation produced by the atomic bomb fallen on the city of Hiroshima.)

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"Environmental respect"

Prochin Italia since 2002 has joined the voluntary programme of chemical industry “Responsible Care” based on the implementation of principles and behaviours concerning the safety and health of workers and environmental protection.
The company’s procedures comply with the European Regulation 1907/2006 REACH
(Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals).
During 2015 the company obtained the Make it sustainable certification Download the Environment Certificate
(Prevention and protection in the workplace.)

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"Health and safety in the workplaces"

Prochin Italia operates according to procedures and working methods that privilege safety in the workplace; also from the point of view of the equipment, the safety issue has provided a basic guideline in the design of the systems and the prevention and protection measures. The management has always favoured in the direction of the company the ethical attitude that oriented towards the “sustainable development”, allowed to foresee and rationalise the future needs – in addition to the current ones – in terms of use of resources and energy saving.

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